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Company Introduction
Jiangsu Dongyu Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. started in 2001, thanks to the unique location advantages of the Yangtze River Delta and abundant high-quality human resources, the company has grown steadily. After two decades of development, we have accumulated rich experience and data in the field of engineering consulting, and established a pool of experts covering various fields. We are actively responding to the call of the state and are moving towards the goal of being a provider of total economic and technological solutions, as well as a provider of whole-process management services.
Pre-project consultation: assist the owner to conduct market research, demonstrate the economic feasibility of the project, and then assess the technical feasibility of the project and the impact of the project on environmental sustainability. After the tablishment of the project, the project planning consultation, planning consultation and project plan selection are carried out, and the esigner is assisted in the economic comparison and optimization of the program design, preliminary design and design plan.
Engineering cost consulting: to provide customers with the determination and control of construction project costs, the issuance of project cost results of the activities. It mainly includes: investment estimation; preparation and review of construction project estimates, forecasts, settlements and completion (final) account reports; preparation and review of project bidding bases and bidding quotations in the implementation stage of construction projects; preparation and review of bills of quantities; changes in construction contract prices and calculation of claim costs; and at the same time provides services such as appraisal of economic disputes over project costs, cost monitoring of the whole process of projects, and project cost information.
Bidding agency: to provide the owner with the project exploration, design, construction, supervision, as well as the construction of important equipment, materials related to the procurement of bidding agency services.
Bidding consulting: to provide bidding strategy analysis for bidders, assist bidders in determining bidding quotations, and assist bidders in preparing bidding plans.
Government procurement agency: to provide procurement agency services for state organs, public institutions or groups and various types of enterprises.
Construction supervision: Entrusted by the owner, the construction project is organized, coordinated and controlled to achieve the quality, safety, schedule and investment goals of the construction project.
Project management: Entrusted by the owner, Dongyu is in accordance with the contract and on behalf of the owner to manage and serve the organization and implementation of the project.
Whole process engineering consulting: Entrusted by the owner, it provides engineering consulting services for the whole life cycle of the construction project in terms of organization, management, economy and technology. Provide partial or overall solutions for project decision-making to operation on an ongoing basis, as well as consulting and whole-process management services for all phases of the project.
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